Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Name Poems - D.E.A.N.A.
Name Poems are fun and interesting because not only do you get to take pictures of moods (a hard topic to portray in photography) but you also get to reflect on yourself and different adjectives that describe and define you. For me, I chose dramatic because I tend to be a drama queen, Embarrassed because I often get embarrassed around people I don't know, Agile which is ironically portrayed here because Kate is falling of the kids ride and also because I do not have very good balance and I tend to fall a lot... Naive because I often don't know things that are common knowledge to most people and lastly, Ambitious because I am always looking to the future and how I can improve the Present to make my dreams come true! Taking these pictures was a bit challenging because like i said before, it is hard to capture moods in photos, but it was a interesting experience!






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