Thursday, April 28, 2011

Childhood memories

Early Childhood

These photos are from what I remember of my early childhood years, as in 5 and 6. I loved the cartoon network, I always watched it for hours (or as long as I could get away with before my mom turned the TV off). My favorite show was Catdog. I loved how the cat and the dog were always arguing, it reminded me of how my brother and I argued all the time. Here are the shows I most remember...

Early Childhood #2
This period of time was probably my favorite. It is up to age 11. That is when I had hardly any homework, I had fun on the weekends, instead of staying up late and working and there were a lot of funny tv shows for kids. My favorite Tv show was definitely Spongebob. I watched it any chance I got, and my mom loved it, too so we got to watch it together most of the time. This is why I put two different pictures of Spongebob in this series, he ment a lot to me as a kid.

Middle School
Although middle school was not the ideal time in my life, I still have some nice memories. I loved watching friends with my mom and I also loved Buffy the vampire slayer. Since my mom never wanted to watch shows with gore, I would watch this show with my cousin. We always had sleepover after watching this show because it was a little scary. Neopets was definitely an obsession of mine when I was in middle school. All the girls in my grade constantly talked about how good of a mother they were going to be because of how amazingly they were taking care of their neopet! Another experience I had in middle school that I will remember forever is going to the Golden Gate Panhandle park with my grandfather. He lived right near there and we would always walk to the children's playground and sit in the swings and talk for hours. The fourth picture refers to this.

High School
For me, high school has been the best experience so far. I love al the extra freedom, the people, the new classes. My parents respect me more, as well as my peers at school. Some of my favorite things revolve around sitting on the couch and watching tv, thought. Sometimes it's nice to stay in and relax. My favorite movie is 500 Days of Summer and my favorite music genre is Dubstep. I love Modern Family, because the show is literally my family balled up into one show and I like watching it with my family so we can all laugh. My favorite food is definitely sushi, in fact, as I am writing this now, I've already decided to get sushi for lunch. But, with all this freedom comes responsibility. I still have a lot of homework I have to finish before I can have fun.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Team Celebration

Team Celebration
This post is all about our team. The many great photographers in our class and celebrating their unique styles. The following are pictures of each person in our class and a little blurb about their photography styles and themselves...


Thayer's photography is very unique. She does a great job of capturing emotions in her photos. All of her work show different emotions and emote different feelings from her audience. She always has good lighting in her photographs that reflect the emotions in her series.

Kenna's photography is very interesting. Her strengths are definitely black and white photography. She has a way of evoking solitude and somberness with her photos that is very unique to her. 

 love Iris's photography. All of her photos show so much depth and emotion. Through every unique photograph, she shows different emotions and evokes various feelings that make all her photos stronger. Many of her photos are black and white or sepia which color them with a tad of nostalgia.


Kendall's photography is great. All her photos reflect her enthusiasm and never-ending positivity. She creates beautiful moments with each shot, whether the shot has rain or sun. She has amazing black and white pictures as well as color photos that all evoke emotions of happiness and peace. 


Fatima's photography is beautiful. Many of her photos are macro mode and she captures all her subjects, whether it be an orange or a fire hydrant, with great lighting and beautiful shadows. Her black and white photos as well as her sepia images are really interesting and always evoke different emotions in the people who look at them.


Eric has many Op Art photos. Many of these images are composed of different darker colors, like navy, dark grey and black. These images have a great "far off" and galactic feel as if they were taken in space. This also gives his viewers a sense of curiosity and wonder.

Vlad's photos are very unique. He uses an interesting effect in most of his shots called "Tilt Shift" which blurs the backgrounds of his photos and focuses on the front. Very much in the style of "foreground/background". His photos are very interesting and the colors are beautifully vivid.


Lucas's photos are very unique. He made a couple series' on Op Art that were very interesting. The different colors and shapes add a sense of curiosity and longing to see more in these photos.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Series Project #2 - Final

Series Project #2 - FINAL
For this final draft, I decided to take some more pictures of Kate to have more diversity in my shots and to make the overall project more dynamic. I have shots of her in different locations and those places bring out different emotions in Kate which I captured. I also used shots from the other drafts to make my project complete. Enjoy...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Extra Credit Project

Macro Photography
This project was purely for my pleasure. I love taking interesting pictures and I recently got a new camera and decided to experiment with the Macro setting on it. These are my best pictures with hardly any editing.