Thursday, April 21, 2011

Team Celebration

Team Celebration
This post is all about our team. The many great photographers in our class and celebrating their unique styles. The following are pictures of each person in our class and a little blurb about their photography styles and themselves...


Thayer's photography is very unique. She does a great job of capturing emotions in her photos. All of her work show different emotions and emote different feelings from her audience. She always has good lighting in her photographs that reflect the emotions in her series.

Kenna's photography is very interesting. Her strengths are definitely black and white photography. She has a way of evoking solitude and somberness with her photos that is very unique to her. 

 love Iris's photography. All of her photos show so much depth and emotion. Through every unique photograph, she shows different emotions and evokes various feelings that make all her photos stronger. Many of her photos are black and white or sepia which color them with a tad of nostalgia.


Kendall's photography is great. All her photos reflect her enthusiasm and never-ending positivity. She creates beautiful moments with each shot, whether the shot has rain or sun. She has amazing black and white pictures as well as color photos that all evoke emotions of happiness and peace. 


Fatima's photography is beautiful. Many of her photos are macro mode and she captures all her subjects, whether it be an orange or a fire hydrant, with great lighting and beautiful shadows. Her black and white photos as well as her sepia images are really interesting and always evoke different emotions in the people who look at them.


Eric has many Op Art photos. Many of these images are composed of different darker colors, like navy, dark grey and black. These images have a great "far off" and galactic feel as if they were taken in space. This also gives his viewers a sense of curiosity and wonder.

Vlad's photos are very unique. He uses an interesting effect in most of his shots called "Tilt Shift" which blurs the backgrounds of his photos and focuses on the front. Very much in the style of "foreground/background". His photos are very interesting and the colors are beautifully vivid.


Lucas's photos are very unique. He made a couple series' on Op Art that were very interesting. The different colors and shapes add a sense of curiosity and longing to see more in these photos.

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