Thursday, April 28, 2011

Childhood memories

Early Childhood

These photos are from what I remember of my early childhood years, as in 5 and 6. I loved the cartoon network, I always watched it for hours (or as long as I could get away with before my mom turned the TV off). My favorite show was Catdog. I loved how the cat and the dog were always arguing, it reminded me of how my brother and I argued all the time. Here are the shows I most remember...

Early Childhood #2
This period of time was probably my favorite. It is up to age 11. That is when I had hardly any homework, I had fun on the weekends, instead of staying up late and working and there were a lot of funny tv shows for kids. My favorite Tv show was definitely Spongebob. I watched it any chance I got, and my mom loved it, too so we got to watch it together most of the time. This is why I put two different pictures of Spongebob in this series, he ment a lot to me as a kid.

Middle School
Although middle school was not the ideal time in my life, I still have some nice memories. I loved watching friends with my mom and I also loved Buffy the vampire slayer. Since my mom never wanted to watch shows with gore, I would watch this show with my cousin. We always had sleepover after watching this show because it was a little scary. Neopets was definitely an obsession of mine when I was in middle school. All the girls in my grade constantly talked about how good of a mother they were going to be because of how amazingly they were taking care of their neopet! Another experience I had in middle school that I will remember forever is going to the Golden Gate Panhandle park with my grandfather. He lived right near there and we would always walk to the children's playground and sit in the swings and talk for hours. The fourth picture refers to this.

High School
For me, high school has been the best experience so far. I love al the extra freedom, the people, the new classes. My parents respect me more, as well as my peers at school. Some of my favorite things revolve around sitting on the couch and watching tv, thought. Sometimes it's nice to stay in and relax. My favorite movie is 500 Days of Summer and my favorite music genre is Dubstep. I love Modern Family, because the show is literally my family balled up into one show and I like watching it with my family so we can all laugh. My favorite food is definitely sushi, in fact, as I am writing this now, I've already decided to get sushi for lunch. But, with all this freedom comes responsibility. I still have a lot of homework I have to finish before I can have fun.


  1. Great job with this assignment Deana. You cropped them but people can still tell what movie or tv show it is. We watched all of the same shows!!

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  3. I really like how you used the effect sepia. I thinks it works well with your set of images. I like how included stuff other than movies/shows.Your 3rd picture isn't just a 'say-cheese' image, but its in the middle of a scene and I like that.

  4. I think sushi is one of the best foods, if not the best. I also liked that you picked dubstep because raving is ridiculously fun.

  5. i really liked all your images, i thought that they were great and told the view about you. good job cropping and editing your images.

  6. I like the way you have organized your series between various television shows, games, and cartoons. I also like how you have added foods to your series because it make it more original.